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  • Who can take this course?
    This course designed for anyone looking to start a credit repair business and those who currently have a credit repair business and looking for more guidance. We ask that you only take the course if you have 8 weeks to dedicate to the course.
  • How long is the course?
    The Course is 8 weeks long. There is so much that goes into repairing someone's credit, ensuring your always in compliance and avoiding costly mistakes the course covers it all so it will take time.
  • Is this a live course or on demand?
    This cours is on demand! The entire course was pre-recorded for you to work through at your own pace. Because we've made this course available as a replay, please be advised that there's no feedback or Q&A offered outside of the course content. This allows us to keep the price affordable while providing high quality education.
  • Is there a limit on enrollees?
    No! We've made this course on demand- so anyone seeking credit repair education would be able to access it.
  • Will student receive a certificate?
    Yes! Student who complete the course and pass all required quizzes will receive a certification of completion at the conclussion of each graduating class! Senior level students will also be entered into an APPROVED Road To 750 Affiliate list for potential clients to see upon successful graduation!
  • What is the refund policy?
    There will be zero refunds issued after the course has commenced. Refunds only applicable to students who have not started the course.
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