The Creditversity™

How To Start And Run A Successful Credit Repair Business

Week 1: Establishing Your Business

-Choosing Your Business Name
-Building A Compliant Website
-Establishing A Business Phone| Email |Virtual Office
-Establishing A Merchant Account
-Credit Repair Software
-The Legal Stuff

Week 2: Consumer Protection Laws

-FCRA - Fair Credit Reporting Act
-CROA - Credit Repair Organization Act
-FDCPA - Fair Debt Collections Practice Act
-FACTA - Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act

Week 3: Understanding A Credit Report

-How To Throughly Read A Credit Report
-What Items To Dispute| What Items To Avoid
-Credit Repair Glossary
-Validation Vs Verification
-Repairing A Client's Credit

Week 4: Onboarding A Client

-Things you need from every client
-Client Agreement
-Dispute Process

Week 5: Repairing A Clients Credit

-Third Party Reporting Agencies
-Public Records - Bankruptcy | Judgements
-Derogatory Accounts - Charge Offs | Collections
-Medical Collections | HIPAA Laws
-Debt Consolidation
-Settlements | Pay To Deletes | Goodwill Adjustments
-Identity Theft | Fraud Accounts

Week 6: Putting Your Business On AutoPilot

-Payment Gateway | Recurring Payment Processor
-How To Properly Onboard Clients
-Outsourcing Clients
-Basic Automation

Week 7: Market Your Business

-Net Impression
-Compliant Marketing

Week 8: Bridging The Homeownership Gap For A Client

-Basic Homeownership Necessities
-What Exactly Lenders Look For

 Course Syllabus

About The Coach

Shonda has a passion for helping people repair their credit, so they can improve their lives. After struggling with poor credit, Shonda learned how to repair her credit, improve her score, and build a stable financial foundation.

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